Freelance Friday Coffee & Coworking Day

Hi everyone!

The doors are now open, so we will return to physical spaces…

Come down to Ahoy Berlin (Wattstr. 11, 13355 Berlin) and treat yourself to free coworking at a fab space you’ve not tried before, lots of knowledge sharing – and a chance to meet some of the locals in the freelance scene! We cowork together for the day – so feel free to bring your work or a side project you’re working on.

• You must RSVP if you definitely want to come – and make sure you come early for a seat. This is for social distancing rules – thanks for your understanding! 🙌

• This month’s discussion topic – TBC

9.30am-10am: Get settled in, meet each other.
10am-10.45am: This month’s discussion topic.
11am-12.30pm: Productivity Sprint #[masked]pm-1pm: Lunch break
1pm-2.30pm: Productivity Sprint #2
2.30pm-until end: You can leave, or stay on to work how you want! 🙂


• A FREE coworking day pass to this month’s venue
• A chance to meet a small and dedicated group of independent professionals (“indie pros”) and freelancers 🙂

See you there!

***We’re aware for the coronavirus situation. So we please ask that all attendees wash their hands regularly and be very mindful of your fellow freelancer. We also please kindly ask that no one attend if they have a sniffle or feel even a tiny bit sick as a preventative measure. We’ll track progress here in next weeks – and if the event has to be postponed for health reasons, we will tell you! Thank you!***



1) Do I have to be a “freelancer”?
We welcome anyone who is working remotely – freelancers, digital nomads, remote workers, entrepreneurs, creatives, tech peeps.

2) Do I have to cowork until 5pm?
NO. There’s the option to stay until 5pm (thanks to our venue!), however if you wish to leave earlier, that’s OK too.

3) Is it OK to work on something other than a computer?
YES, feel free to write, draw, or whatever it is you’re currently working on (as along as it doesn’t disturb your fellow attendees, of course!).


Freelance Friday is a global community for independents, creatives and entrepreneurs. Started by the CloudPeeps ( crew. We cowork together and tell stories once a month. Join us! ☕️

Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.

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28 Aug 2020


9:30 - 17:30


Wattstraße 11 · Berlin
Ahoy Berlin GmbH
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